I ask you to make an appointment in advance.

Deposit confirms the date. A deposit or full prepayment will provide a date on my calendar, and we will be able to discuss the details in more detail, as I can focus on you with a more personal touch and devotion that you deserve as a gentleman who respects my time. and tangible intention to follow our agreement. Deposits 30 — 80% of the rate depending on your check / risk assessment and the length of the date. Cancellation policy will be discussed with you in advance.

In Call

  • 1 Hour €180

    The description here

  • 2 Hours €300

    The description here

  • 3 Hours €500

    The description here

Please contact for an individual plan.

Other prices

  • Breakfast or lunch €200
  • Dinner €300
  • Short night with dinner or breakfast €700
  • 24-hour accommodation with dinner and breakfast €1500

Extra costs such as admissions or air tickets are not included in the rates.